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people who would rather be too hot than too cold are the weirdest fucking things

If you’re too cold, you can put on a sweater without hurting those around you.  If you’re too hot, and naked, you can do NOTHING

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Postcard exchange or penpal

I’ve loads of old stamps, boxes of post-cards and envelopes, and some nice new pens, all I need is somebody to write to.  Shoot me your address and your preference for either a letter or post-card and I’d be delighted to begin a correspondence. 

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If you’re gonna fake a film photograph with your cell-phone, don’t do it taking your picture in a mirror with your phone in it.  C’mon…

I’ll give you a film camera if you want to take film photographs.

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Why is it okay for conservatives to tell homeless people to “get a job” but no okay for democrats to tell people in the oil and coal industries to “get a job that doesn’t make such a mess?”

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I like how people act like you can’t be racist and sleep with a person of color. As if misogynists don’t sleep with women all the time.

QUEERING THE GAME OF LIFE  (via thegenderpurple)

I’m often faced by this when talking about my opposition to interracial pornography.  People think, even after I explain myself, that it offends me morally because I am racist, and offended by the image of a black person having sex with a white person. 

In reality, It is because it’s fetishized like bestiality. Like it’s terribly kinky that a white woman would have sex with a black man.  Always a black man who is always portrayed as hulking, unintelligent, and beast-like, with an insatiable appetite for penetrating white women as to render them “fallen.”

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I loveeeee this movie

what movie is that? i have that camera and use it all the time. we’re even puting them on all the tables at our wedding for guests to take pictures like other weddings use disposable cameras and photo booths!

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[TW: Rape] Deputy sheriff accused of raping inmate at courthouse faces $15 million lawsuit




A woman in Maryland who was allegedly raped for 30 minutes by a deputy sheriff has filed a $15 million lawsuit against the Prince George’s County Sheriff’s Office and her attacker.

The 34-year-old woman was detained at the Prince George’s County Courthouse awaiting trial when Deputy Sheriff Lamar McIntyre allegedly forced her to have sex with him.

McIntyre took her into an isolated holding cell and told her to get naked, according to the lawsuit. While making her perform oral sex and vaginal sex without a condom, the sheriff’s deputy “used his right hand to slap her buttocks extremely hard,” the lawsuit states. McIntyre also allegedly forced the woman to remain on all fours while he took pictures with his camera phone.

After the sexual assault, McIntyre took the woman to the court room “as if nothing ever happened,” the lawsuit notes.

The woman later reported the assault.

McIntyre has been suspended without pay and charged with second degree rape. He admitted to police that he was involved in the incident.

“second degree” rape? what the fuck?

I am utterly disgusted both at this vile misogynistic rapists actions and the concept of ‘second degree rape’

What the hell does that even mean?

Rape is rape

There’s no such thing as ‘first’ or ‘second’ degree rape…ALL rape is a despicable, evil, VILE thing and there are no degrees to how bad it is…there are no circumstances in which rape is more or less serious or terrible…ALL rape is equally disgusting and evil as are all rapists

I think this means not that it is less or more bad, but that it is the second kind of rape defined legally.  It is used to describe rape committed by people who have authority over their victims.  I’m not a lawyer or apologist, I just think that’s why these words are used when that crime against humanity is committed that way.

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.: sendforbromina: male “feminists” or whatever you people are calling...



male “feminists” or whatever you people are calling yourselves these days basically do exactly the same thing as the friend zone, they’re just smart enough not to call it that

  • they’re only nice to women when they think they can “get something” from her. either it’s sex, or friendship, or just a compliment of “wow, What a Great Guy!” women they don’t think they can sway are thrown to the dogs as not being worth it
  • literally only like to talk about feminist issues when it’s conversations among other women. ive never seen a man (offline, here, wherever) actually try and stop their friends from making a sexist joke, or hassling a woman (verbally, physically). but men LOVE to voice their opinions on what they think feminism should be focusing on, or their opinions about “what is womanhood” or “why x is important” and if you, a woman, disagree, they just snidely shut you down

the only difference is they wear revolutionary berets instead of fedoras

Or we noticed patriarchy has failed us too, and we’re unwilling to pay the personal, social, and spiritual cost of being on the wrong side of a basic social justice issue.

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I’m intrigued

I’m intrigued by how objectifying/dehumanizing/unpleasant the fetishizing of gay men by women is, and the perspective it gives me on male fetishizing of lesbians.

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This is just causing their image to degrade even more.

When the five most ignorant people you can find on twitter become only and all democratic voters….